Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the Contact Us page on our website. Go to the Send a Message form and select Feedback for Improvement in the Subject line.
Alternatively, please send your feedback to info@convenientdeal4u.co.za 
We value your feedback as it assists us in improving our website to ensure a better customer experience. With your input, we grow. We read and act upon all provided feedback, including recommendations for improvement.

We have various FREE advertising packages available to suit your requirements:

  • Free For Individual Private Sellers.
  • Free & Unlimited Advertising Package For Dealerships 

Please visit convenientdeal4u.co.za. Click on the Sell My Car link on the Main Menu and follow the simple instructions provided. This facility is available on mobile, laptop or desktop platforms for your convenience.

This service is available to any user who wishes to sell their car(s) on the CD4U platform. Car dealerships and private sellers use the Sell My Car process to advertise their cars on our easy-to-use website.

You may list your car for as long as you wish. All you do is reactivate your advertisement for another paid period (see advertising packages above).

Once you advertise your car on our website, you gain access to a dashboard. Using the email and password you created during the Sell My Car/ Sign Up process, you login, click on My Cars, and reactivate each car with the advertising package of your choice.

Continued communication with our users is important to CD4U. You receive an instant screen notification message after each secure transaction. You also receive an email notification to your registered email address with details of your advertisement.

Quality control is important to us. Your advert must pass our required quality checks to ensure only permissible images and car-related content is uploaded. Quality checks eliminate site pollution. The quality process takes less than 30 minutes during working hours. During each step, you receive emails from the CD4U team, notifying you as where we currently are in the process.
Once your advert goes live, you receive an email with a link to your live advert. The duration of each advertisement begins from the time it goes live on the CD4U website.

Visit Convenientdeal4u.co.za and login with your email address and password. Navigate to My Cars and select the car you want to edit from your list. Click Edit.

Private/ individual seller: You receive emails with requests for deal from interested buyers. These emails contain the potential buyers’ contact information. You are also able to access this information via the live dashboard when you login to your profile. We do not help facilitate the deal between you and any potential buyer.


Dealership: Dealerships receive potential buyers’ information via email and our dashboard (see above). Dealerships can also use CD4U’s online real-time chat application to communicate with people viewing or enquiring on their dealer stock listed on our website. During the registration process, dealers are able to add email addresses of all sales executives they wish to involve in the chat application.

Visit Convenientdeal4u.co.za and click Sign In at the top of the page. Use your email address and password to login.

Visit Convenientdeal4u.co.za and click Sign In at the top of the page . When the Sign In window appears, click Forgot Password and follow the simple instructions

As per our privacy policy, we do not share your information with third parties. Strict internal policies safeguard this assurance.  
We only share buyers’ contact details with a seller through our automated deal request functionality on the website. We share this information to facilitate contact between the seller and the interested buyer.
Also, should you sign up to our newsletter or sell cars through our platform, we do not share your personal information with third parties.

It means all cars sold by various dealerships that incorporate some form of buyer reward upon purchase i.e. vouchers, cashback, etc

We help you find your dream car - at no cost to you. Visit Convenientdeal4u.co.za, select Find Me a Car under Buy A Car. Fill in you contact information, tell us your budget, and describe (in detail) the car you want. We do the rest for you by locating your car through our network of dealers!

This service allows buyers to request assistance from our team to locate the car they want at a price that suits their pocket. Visit Convenientdeal4u.co.za, select Find Me a Car under Buy A Car, complete your contact information, describe the car you want with your budget and we will find your car from within our dealer network. This is a free service.

No, we do not charge a fee to help you find your dream car. This is a free service.

To protect the interest of the buyers, we work with you to set this up. All reward programmes pass through our rewards team. Contact our office on 010 035 6310 or email rewards@convenientdeal4u.co.za to find out more. Alternatively, please visit the Contact Us page on our website, go to Send A Message,  and select Dealership Enquiry in the Subject line.

It is free to register.

Please contact our sales team on advertising@convenientdeal4u.co.za for specifications and costing. List your requirements in the email (where you wish to place a banner, and under which models you want your advertising banner to occur). You are welcome to send us any link from our website to show us what you require.

We advertise anything automotive industry-related on our banner walls. We also list products linked to our business partners in the banking, insurance, Oil & Gas, biking, and car rental industries. Our sales team on advertising@convenientdeal4u.co.za looks forward to helping you place your advert.

We believe in a win-win business model for both buyers and dealerships. We pre-negotiate some and encourage car dealers to offer discounts that do not impact on their profitability.

We have fuel vouchers, holiday/ trip rewards, cashback, tyre purchase discounts, car rental discounts, and wheel alignment discounts. We continue to work on adding more exciting reward programmes.

No, we offer negotiated and agreed-upon rewards on selected dealership cars. These cars are part of a filter or main menu called Cars with Rewards on our website.

Rewards are linked to certain cars. If you purchase any car listed as having a reward, you will receive that award.
If you sign up for our free newsletter, or advertise your car through our platform, or enquire on any car on our website, you automatically become a lifetime member. Lifetime members enjoy discounted car rental rates through Europcar when booking using the link on our website. You automatically receive preferential rates at any of the Tiger Wheel & Tyre branches nationwide.

It is free to become a member. Become a member by:

  1. Signing up or registering with our newsletter.
  2. Selling any of your car(s) through our website.
  3. Enquiring or buying any cars advertised on our website (from a dealership or a private/ individual seller).
  4. Walk-in and buy at any participating dealership branch that uses our platform for advertising, and register via newsletter signup.

Car Hire: To qualify for preferential car hire rates, click on the Car Hire link in our main menu. You will be redirected to the Europcar site. Complete all your bookings there.

Tyres: To get preferential rates at any of the Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s branches across South Africa, use the email you received when you did any of the following:

  1. Signup or newsletter registration
  2. Proof of selling any vehicle through our website
  3. Proof of enquiry or purchase of car advertised on our website (from a dealership or private/ individual sellers)

Voucher validity is communicated upon vehicle purchase.

Complete the Deal Request Form to be contacted by the dealer or private seller. If the dealership subscribes to our Live Chat application, you can chat with the dealer instantly while viewing the car in which you are interested.

No, we do not buy cars. We offer a platform via our website that connects private sellers and dealerships with buyers.

No, we are not involved in the buying process. If you buy from private sellers, seek assistance from professionals (registered car dealers, banks for financing, traffic department for change of ownership procedure) to ensure safe transaction.

No, we do not assist with car financing. If you are buying from a dealership, they will initiate the financing application. Alternatively you can apply for financing on your own. If you are buying from a private seller, you are still able to arrange your own financing.

Yes, we have partnered with Oaksure Insurance Brokers to bring this service to you for free.

Yes, if the dealership subscribed to use of the chat application when listing their cars, you are able to chat with their sales executives whilst viewing their car(s) online.

This is a free service to dealerships and buyers using the chat application.

This is a simple process. When adding a car, add your sales teams’ email addresses under Add Chat Agents Emails. We send a link to all your sales executives to download a free app. Once they download the app, it is linked to your dealer showroom. You can now receive online messages and respond to potential buyers in real-time.

Yes, you can monitor the number of people visiting to your online dealer showroom and even initiate conversations with them.

It allows dealers to:

-Monitor and chat with visitors to your dealer showroom in real-time on convenientdeal4u.co.za

-Monitor and track your teams’ progress, review chat history, and check performance analytics.

-Login to the dashboard to invite members of your team.

-Answer chats from your mobile device

-Add an unlimited number of agents.

-Track user sentiment.

-Receive unlimited chat history.

-Track user engagement.

-Receive detailed reporting.

-Ban/ unban visitors.

-Create agent alerts.

-Create departments.

-Transfer/send documents/ picture files to online visitors

-Receive desktop notifications.


-Have a ticketing system to close and open tickets (follow up reminders, etc).

No, not every car on the website is discounted. The Discounted Cars segment is part of our business model. You will see some cars detailing savings you benefit from on purchase.

No, Convenient Deal4U is not an insurance company, we work with a competent and registered Insurance broker to source and shop for alternative quotes across various insurance companies in South Africa. Convenient Deal4U partnership in providing this offering through our trusted broker, ensures that all our clients get our value added services when taking up insurance through our channel. You get more than just an insurance. You get value added benefits such as future discounted car hire, tyre purchases, wheel alignment & balancing.