Why Car Buyers Need Us

Here’s Why Car Buyers Need Us

Our platform links your listed, or advertised car as a private seller, with professional car buyers.

We know that not every deal offered by car dealership is the best deal.

We also know not everyone has the time and knowledge to negotiate a better deal when purchasing a new or used car. We take the time and use our industry knowledge to find you the best deal.

We are your Car-ology and Buy-ology experts. Learn about these two terms in our website.

Most South Africans buy cars on credit with a 60 to 72 months loan term. There is often the possibility of a balloon payment on top of that. Working with CD4U and getting the best deal for you reduces your net debt and leaves extra money in your pocket. For the other things you want to do.

We take the drudge out of searching for the best deal. We travel across suburbs, towns and cities to find the car you want and can afford. We negotiate on your behalf, so you never feel pressured.

We’ve got your back. Always.

Let CD4U help you drive away in the car of your dreams.